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Welcome to the AGD homepage.  Here, you will find the latest version of AGD, a Gameboy Advance® emulator and debugger with many facilities for efficient GBA development.  The latest version is 0.14b.  Below is a screenshot:

12/01/2001:  I just wanted to post a quick update as a number of people have been asking me about the state of AGD.  I am still working on it, but I have not been able to dedicate nearly as much time to it as I have in the past as I am presently working on another project.  I am using AGD in the development of this other project, so I am periodically fixing bugs and making improvements.  I didn’t want to make an official release until I improved the GUI and added source-level debugging support.  If I get any free time on my project, I will dedicate it to AGD – but this probably won’t happen for at least three months.  Thank you for your continued support.

10/03/2002: Okay, I was planning to do more work on AGD because I know that a lot of people have expressed an interest, but being that my site has had over 100,000 hits and I have not yet received ONE MISERABLE DOLLAR from anyone out there, I figured it wasn't worthwhile to dedicate any more time to the project. I've been busy working on Sega Smash Pack for GBA (available in stores near you :) which just shipped, so I'm feeling pretty good, so I'll post the source code for AGD for all you developers out there. In its present state, AGD is useless for sound or link-play development, but I've made excellent use of it for debugging graphics and game logic. I'm sure some able-minded developers out there will be able to figure out all of my cryptic logic and code that I ultimately decided not to use and make improvements. If you use my code, I only ask that you give me credit. Some of you may want me to give you walkthroughs or guide you through my code, I simply do not have the time, unless you're willing to fork over some money. The project is broken into two pieces: one was "general.lib" which I was intending to share with other projects, and one was "agd.exe". Both of the archives are available below. If you're not an experienced developer, or don't know what "source code" means, please don't bother with it.


AGD runs on Windows-based systems with the latest version of Direct-X installed on your machine.  AGD includes support for code breakpoints, data breakpoints, debug output, and user breakpoints; and includes a GUI for convenient operation.

To download the library source code, click here.

To download the app source code, click here.

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